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March 26

Read Psalms 148-150

Devotional focus: Psalm 150


“Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre,

praise him with timbrel and dancing, praise him with the strings and pipe,

praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals.”


My son could dance before he could walk. When he was learning to stand he would hang onto something, then as soon as he heard music he would start moving his butt and bending his knees. He is five years old now and music still has this effect on him. It doesn’t matter if we are in the grocery store or the dance studio, he will just start dancing and he doesn’t care who is watching.


Psalm 150 reminds me of this because it is so joyful! It is full of celebration and gratefulness for everything! Being so happy that you can’t possibly keep silent! It talks about using instruments and dancing. Really the bigger the spectacle you can make the better!


For one of the Christmas Eve services at church everyone gets instruments. Maracas, wood blocks, tambourines, drums, bells…no lessons required. We are a loud bunch. And you know what? We don’t sound too bad! I think it is just the way God wants us to sound.


I don’t dance and am not musically gifted, but God doesn’t tell us we need to have perfect rhythm, or take years of lessons, we just need to praise him in any way we can! More than that, have fun with it!


So let’s celebrate the end of our Psalms journey! Sing a song, play an instrument or dance, whether you are at home, in a car or at church!


I’ll be the one singing (probably off key) next to the five-year-old dancer who is so happy that he can’t possibly keep still.


Let’s pray. Lord, thank you for everything you have given us. Help us to remember you and show you praise at all times in all places. Let us be an inspiration to others and show your love in everything we do. Amen.


Michaela Lewis

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