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On November 20, 1890, a small group of Lutherans met for the purpose of organizing a church of their own. A lot located at 7th & Mill was purchased in 1891 for $200. Services were held in the church basement until the winter of 1898 when the church was finally completed and dedicated in a special service.


In the late 1950's, it became evident that a lack of space and deterioration of the church necessitated the building of a new Emanuel.


In 1959, the church purchased the Brighton property, twleve acres at 2444 North Broadway. Sunday School and church services were held in the old home until it became necessary to remove it for further building. Ground breaking ceremonies were held in July 1961, and the dedication of Emanuel's new house of worship was held on May 27, 1962.


At the congregational meeting in February 1989, the congregation voted to expand the size of the present church, due to lack of much needed space to accommodate the growing congregation. This is the building we worship in today.


In 2015 an anniversary tea and dinner were held to celebrate Emanuel's 125th Anniversary. Events are planned throughout 2016 as well to celebrate this milestone.

Emanuel Lutheran Church at 7th & Mill Painting

believed to be painted by Wilson J. Hamilton

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